Kre8Now Makerspace and COVID-19

Kre8Now Makerspace is committed to the health and happiness of our members and our community. 

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, and under directive of Kentucky Executive Order 2020-257 issued March 25 by Governor Beshear, the majority of Kre8now Makerspace’s services are suspended, effective immediately. This follows advice from all levels that we should all be sheltering at home to the maximum extent possible.

The makerspace remains open to activities specifically exempted in the order in the pursuit of community safety. Full details can be found at: . Examples may include activities that support: home repairs; agricultural operations; emergency equipment supply chains; charitable social services; support of housing construction efforts; vehicle part fabrication; and other activities that fall under the life-sustaining guidelines of the order. 

The tools and resources of Kre8Now Makerspace remain available in this time of special need. Access to the building is not restricted. Even now, members are mobilizing to design and manufacture face shields and surgical masks for our front-line workers in hospitals and emergency shelters. When the community or an individual member has a critical problem that just can’t wait for COVID-19 to pass, the makerspace continues to be an essential resource. 

When using the space for essential activities, extra care must be taken. 

  • Wash your hands.
  • Use social distancing – 6’ minimum. One person per room is better. 
  • Use supplied cleaning products to disinfect all touch surfaces before and after use. 
  • Do not come to the space if you have been in a high-risk exposure, or if your health condition puts you at greater risk of infection. 
  • No gatherings of people.
  • Do not justify entertainment at the space as an essential activity. 

If you, or communities you know, have needs that aren’t being met anywhere else, reach out on Slack. If you have ideas for how makers can help individuals, industry, or the entire world during the outbreak, share those ideas so we can develop them together. If you’d like to help make things better, join the #greater-good channel on Slack to mobilize our humanitarian efforts. 

Finally, please take care of yourself. Kre8Now Makerspace will be back in full swing just as soon as allowed by the Governor, and we don’t want any of our Maker family to be hurt by this virus in the meantime. While this is a terrible tragedy with effects yet to be seen, don’t overlook the unique opportunities it presents. Enjoy the extra time you have with your family. Enjoy the solitude this situation grants us. Use this time to cultivate ideas of where you want your life to go, and what you will make along the way. 

Friends, we will be making things together again soon.